Step Counter - Pedometer Free

Step Counter - Pedometer Free

Step Counter - Pedometer Free

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Two Best step counter Pedometer Android apps for Health Fitness [Hindi]

The best fitness tracker apps

Free app to count your steps, accurately count the calories you burn and sync your results with EasyFit Calorie Counter.
No Battery wasting. No locked features. Continuous step counting. No login. No GPS/Data collection. Your privacy is 100% insured.

Battery Saver
This Pedometer works with your build in sensors which does not waste phone battery unlike GPS tracking.

All Features are Free
All free Pedometer with No locked features at all. You can use all the awesome features like animated statistics and badges without being forced to buy the Pro version.

Privacy Secured
100% Privacy. No log in, no data collecting or selling of any kind. All your data is saved on your phone and can never be read by outsiders.

Earn up to 12 different badges as rewards for walking many steps and use them as a motivational help tool.
A badge for your current steps in that day will also be showing in the widget thats comes along with this step counter.

Personalize EasyFit Pedometer by choosing any of the 20 beautiful colors provided. This will add a little personal touch to your experience.

Beautiful Design
Beautiful design consistent with google material design guidelines with your counted steps showing in a cool moving wave.
Awesome widget to put on your home screen and always see the steps that are currently being counted for you.

Make sure you enter your data in the settings as accurately as possible to insure step counting accuracy.
Feel free to experiment with the sensitivity settings and find what works best for your life style.
Some phones with old systems do not allow counting while screen is off, the app can't do anything about that i am afraid.

My other App
You can easily sync your counted steps, calculated calories, and active time with EasyFit calorie Counter. All in 1 click.
Calorie Counter - EasyFit

Steps in the icon made by Freepik ( from 

1. New function for import export to SD Card.
2. Moved counting to foreground with ongoing notification so that the system doesnt stop the app while in the background.
3. improved performance.